The commitment to sustainable design is carefully thought and wants to be conveyed through the full design process. We are working very hard to achieve this goal.


The design is used to give visibility to a sensitive nature.

Use of 3D Printing process for less waste of material.

Our suppliers are fully traceable, all located in Spain. They supply us:

Recycled Silver for our jewellery.

Organic Cotton for our packaging bags.

Recycled Paper and Wood from Plantation for our packaging boxes.



There are several ways in which jewellery can be considered sustainable, we explain you below. Our choice is the first one, the use of recycled metal, but we also let you know about other options. It is important for us that you get well informed.

1 - When jewellery is made with recycled certified metals coming not only from the jewellery sector but from other industries such as electronics or medical devices. It is not used metal extracted from the mine.

2 - When jewellery is made with fairmined metal, this means that the metal is extracted from the mine. The difference is that artisanal minings work in smaller scales with a sustainable process of work and respecting the human rights of the community without exploitation.

As for the gems, there are those that come from fairmined or those created in the laboratory, thus avoiding the extractions of nature.

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